Mission Statement

Associated with: Representative Holly Raschein

The Southernmost Preservation Fund promotes responsible government policies that support personal freedom and economic growth that benefit the future of all Floridians, while supporting innovative solutions uniquely created in our Southernmost District. To achieve these purposes, the Organization is empowered, subject to applicable federal and state law, to solicit and accept voluntary contributions; to expend such contributions to further these principles; to employ such persons as necessary to further the purpose of the Organization; and to do any and all things necessary or desirable for the attainment of these purposes.

Preserve Our Way of Life

We could successfully pose that our way of life here, surrounded by warm, turquoise water, is the “Envy of the Nation.”

Keep Our Workforce Competitive

We must prevent gender and anti-gay discrimination in the workplace to keep our state and our region vibrant and prosperous.

Protect Our Unique Environment

Life here requires maintaining a balance between ensuring our economy prospers and preserving our unique environment.